Fishing gear shop should pay attention to what issues

fishing is a very good way of leisure, there are a lot of people are very fond of. There are many kinds of fishing equipment, want to be ready, you may need to spend a lot of money, so many businesses are very much like to open fishing gear shop. How about the fishing gear? How to manage it? If you are interested in this project, please contact us immediately.

the first investment in general small stores, about 3–3.5 million yuan, after rolling funds generally have a few thousand dollars is enough. After the Spring Festival is a good time to purchase, a spring is ready for fishing, until June is the golden season of gear sales, in the second half of the season and into the beginning of autumn.

on fishing shop return

according to the consumption level of management type

for the cause of Xiaoyouchengjiu, fishing and fishing for competitive high enthusiasm is quite interested in fishing, a major purchase should avoid the blindness, to refrain from impulse or vague understanding sometimes buy sets of inferior goods, "a home a lot, a few useful" phenomenon, cause necessary waste. In addition, this kind of fishing should be long in mind, beware of some so-called friends have an ulterior motive to give you the "recommended" what "print fine float" or "most sensitive float" proposal, spend a lot of money to buy some flashy without substance float.

Beauty shop opened in these places will double the effect of suction gold

can not choose the small shop address, if you choose carelessly, it will affect the entrepreneur’s money planning. So shop location this step, each entrepreneur should be taken seriously, beauty shop entrepreneurs are no exception. Beauty shop opened in these places will double the effect of suction gold, a look.

1.    living in densely populated areas: compared with other industries, the beauty salon shop has some particularity, the beauty salon does not live completely rely on the old customers, and beauty salons consumption is time consuming, concentrated in some bustling commercial street, station and other groups, though the number of floating population, but far from the residents may not be suitable for opening, so address generally can choose in accessible locations, such as the residents of the area set up to work near the stable residents or the worker to target customers, can satisfy the customer requirements in consumer, store location to facilitate customer import.

2.    peer intensive lots: "peer intensive visitors" is the road of operation since ancient times. Peer dense regions can form a large market, so that customers come here, but this time for the business requirements will be higher, only outstanding operating characteristics, in order to peer in the dense area to form a comprehensive service performance, talent shows itself, obtain the biggest economic benefits.

3.    business district: this section is the ideal place for residents to shop, chat, shopping, leisure, beauty salon is also the best place. But because the business district of shops rent costs are relatively high, bring a strong pressure for the beauty salon, in addition to the high cost of the lot, the competition is also strong, in this part of the beauty salon investment is relatively large, must be cautious.

4.    business building concentration area: This lot for office workers to focus on the ground, the time limit to patronize the beauty salon, weekend and holiday business apathy. Although the purpose of the shop in this lot is to serve the office workers, but it should be clear that the youth, women or civil servants in the civil service which is the main target, thus determining the specific business strategy.

5.    near the University Campus: college students is a huge consumer groups, but college students lack of rational consumption, consumer awareness is more advanced, fashion. Near the university campus are often gathered lots of shops opened, it was more suitable for professional hair salon, beauty salon if the creation is mainly to freckle, acne and other service projects, because the female students in adolescence, easy to spot long acne.

Children’s clothing stores inventory service skills

children’s clothing store operators how to leave a good impression to consumers, so that consumers can be assured that out of pocket? This question is really worth learning. Many franchisees have a lack of business. If you want to improve your competitiveness, you should learn some skills, you can not miss the opportunity to get rich.

children’s clothing stores want to get a good profit, need to do business related work. A few suggestions provide small share, hope to help novice investors to do service work, to impress consumers, so that consumers can remember the brand, to the heart of brand trust, increase store profit.

related recommendations

Coffee shop decoration design needs our attention

        coffee shop decoration design we need to pay attention to what? Follow the diversified development of contemporary life, the prospects for the development of people for the coffee shop very understanding, many people choose to open a coffee shop, shop decoration we need to pay attention to the following points.

        shop decoration has many different styles according to different business projects, large shopping malls, hotel with luxury decoration, with modern, and open a small coffee shop can also have their own style and features. So for the coffee shop in the specific store decoration design, can follow the following two principles:

        first, the decoration must have the advertisement effect. To give consumers a strong visual stimulation. Coffee shop facade can be decorated into a unique or strange shape, strive for the appearance of ingenuity to attract consumers.

        second, the decoration should be combined with the characteristics of coffee association. Novel and unique decoration is not only a visual stimulation of consumers, more importantly, so that consumers did not enter the store to know what may be inside.

        coffee shop decoration and design, with particular attention to the following issues:

        1, to prevent the flow of people into the coffee shop crowded.

        2, the bar should be set in a conspicuous place, so as to facilitate customer consultation.

        3, the layout of the coffee shop to reflect a unique atmosphere to adapt to the coffee.

        4, make full use of various colors. The walls, ceilings, lights, coffee and drinks make up the coffee shop. Different colors of people’s psychological stimulation is not the same: Purple tone, layout look gorgeous and noble; with the yellow tone, layout is the blue tone, soft; layout is subtle; with white tone, layout is lifeless; in red tone, the layout is warm. The use of color is not a single, but comprehensive. In different periods, seasons, holidays, the use of color is not the same; winter and summer is not the same. Different people of color are not the same reaction, children of strong red, orange, blue and green color reaction; young women on the acute reaction. In this regard, the use of lighting is particularly important.

        5, the coffee shop is best recommended in the light

Entrepreneurs have to know the unspoken rules of the industry

people say, gehangrugeshan, different industries have different rules for entrepreneurs, if you do not understand the rules of the industry, it is difficult to success in. So what are the unspoken rules of the industry? Here are some of the unspoken rules of the industry, we come together to understand.

price for the cost price of 70 percent off tiles:

mahogany furniture sales: first understand the "patch"

appearance as like as two peas red sandalwood furniture, "and" patching "patching" price may vary more than ten million, do not know this trick, * * * will lose money.

originally land developers in the development, find the demolition team, is the need to pay for the demolition demolition team according to the truth. But now the contrary, developers will not pay, but also tender, which the demolition team give developers more money, with which to carry out demolition developers, because there are bars, doors and windows, equipment etc. in the demolition stage, is to make money.


Chengdu business incubator should also be strict audit of the project

with the promotion of business incubator platform, more and more entrepreneurs have the opportunity to get more professional, more comprehensive help. But these business incubators are also very strict, many of Chengdu’s public space to create a strict control of access, to ensure that the entrepreneurial team has been able to maintain a good entrepreneurial state.

"feeling more than a month’s time as living half a year." At the beginning of January 2016 finally through the assessment in Chengdu moziqiao peoples entrepreneurship field Su Zhou said that in November 2015, he took a fresh farm "a cavity blood" and "gray" and return ", the jury felt that my project polished enough".

in the next months, Su Zhou will soon only 1 people in the team expanded to more than and 20 people, and the establishment of business model and industry chain, complete the "comeback" at the beginning of January, he participated in the review again and passed.

Sales of

IT products once occupied the moziqiao block the city’s 90% market share, known as the "Chengdu Zhongguancun" reputation, in the second half of 2015, accelerating the pace of development, in October of that year, Chengdu moziqiao innovation Street open street.

moziqiao innovation incubator, one of the largest blocks the entrepreneurial field general manager Bao Lingguo said that the more than and 50 entrepreneurial teams currently settled, after a rigorous screening system of talent shows itself. According to reports, since October last year, a total of more than and 200 teams to apply for settled, after screening, get 150 chance review team, by the jury of the business ideas, business model, market comprehensive assessment of the situation, "as of January this year, the number of successful teams settled less than 1/3".

the jury, "find the ball" can get through the incubation, because "since founded gradually have to find the ball" a more mature business model, harvest a part of "hardcore users", at the same time, the direction of management but also fit the strong atmosphere of Chengdu football. It is understood that the total number of people participating in football in Chengdu has reached 300 thousand people, the current Chengdu officially set up in the next 3 years to build a new football field, to further promote the development of the football industry. Tao said, find the ball successfully settled in the entrepreneurial arena, has been in Chengdu, has more than 1 thousand teams, organized a game of more than 3 thousand.

for the entrepreneurial team, settled incubator is not a once and for all. According to Bao Lingguo, 3 months, 6 months to complete the registration product line, is a basic requirement for incubation team to achieve revenues of 9 months of incubation, the team will accept every 3 months "review", no breakthrough team will be eliminated. Recommended

A good place for restaurant you like Baxter leisure

in view of the improvement of the living standards of the Chinese people, consumers are increasingly strong consumption of Western restaurants, it is because of the emergence of such forms of consumption, more and more western style restaurant brands in China to take root. Western restaurant is also a hot investment projects. Xiaobian want to say today is like Baxter Italian restaurant.


likes Italian leisure restaurant mainly engaged in pizza, pasta, coffee, ice cream, beef and other products. In addition to the current launch of a variety of food, the company’s R & D department will be based on different seasonal changes and the needs of consumers to launch a variety of new products, to bring more food lovers new experience. Baxter and elegant dining environment, like the decoration style; collocation of soft lighting effect, make people feel warm and casual dining experience.

franchise —- standard store

operating characteristics

business items: pizza, pasta, coffee, steak, cake and other

features: [] [] [quality professional service]] [innovation advocate leisure diet culture, create a new leisure environment, provide drinks, snacks, western style meals as well as the latest information reading, to lead a new generation of leisure life concept, create a unique style of eating and Baxter like valuedly enjoy.

shop requirements

business type: store / inner area

business premises require an area of about 240 square feet (area)

the number of employees per store: about 25 people (according to the shop area, camp sports line planning)

investment amount

Investment: 2 million 200 thousand yuan

join fee: 250 thousand yuan

performance bond: RMB 100 thousand yuan (when the contract is paid after the expiration of the contract without interest refund)

commission management fee (technology transfer fee, business guidance): monthly management fee of 10 thousand yuan or turnover of 3%, whichever is higher.

trademark use fee: the first year is free; second years from the standard fee of 20 thousand yuan / year

franchise —- smart shop

operating characteristics

business goods: ratio >

What is the shortcut to get rich

shortcuts are a lot of people want to go, but not everyone can go through! What is the shortcut to get rich? Can it suit you?


entrepreneurial wealth in many ways, there are also detours, straight but after all or for entrepreneurs to start their own requirements. Of course, the entrepreneurial success of the shortcut can also learn from the rich. And entrepreneurs to analyze the business to get rich seven shortcuts, hoping to help entrepreneurs make money!

select business paid business.

find their first shop to make money trick, then the development of chain, open to let others help you make money, this can be called a "shortcut to getting rich people collecting firewood".


A lot of

choose small technology companies listed growth potential.

if you are just going to public offering of shares of the company’s employees, will be able to get the number of internal staff shares, once the internal staff shares listed, the profit is very much. This has been confirmed by those who have been listed state-owned large companies is a shortcut to riches. However, due to the limited number of places on the market, the approval process is also more complicated,   this rich shortcut with a certain chance.

have the illusion of reality and entrepreneurial thinking.

Take good comply with what the principle of maternal stores can

is a suitable name for the numerous shops is a very important aspect, however, for many investors, how to name the work is not easy to do. Shop business, everything is ready, only the name, this is the one thing a lot of entrepreneurs worry. Just like naming your child, it’s a matter of happiness and worry. No matter what business, signs are very important, gold signs like a person’s face, will bring unlimited business opportunities. Many novice entrepreneurs will also want to try to get a good maternal name, hoping to attract the attention of consumers.

want to take good mother shop name appears to be a headache, is actually not difficult, as long as we carefully pondering, in combination with the actual situation, will be able to get a light up nice baby name. Read the following introduction may be able to inspire you to think of that name, baby. The name of the mother and child shop is also the case, then how should give their own shop name?

is the first heuristic association principle

baby shop named to have a certain meaning, see people will go to Lenovo speculate why this name, of course should be a positive association, so the name is more easy to remember.

followed by a good readable principle


baby shop name, has been to many consumers, still can not remember the name of the shop, or from time to time to forget, this is generally not good reading by name, which is not easy to be remembered by. What kind of store name is easier to remember? To do the following points, concise name simple, concise and lively, easy to communicate with consumers and the shorter the name, the more likely the customer’s reverie, meaning richer.

is again supported by the marker principle


if you pay attention, is well known in the market the name will be markers, such as McDonald’s M logo, although these marks can not use language to express, but will soon be remembered, even never forget. So when the baby shop name, also want to consider using the sign of what kind of material.

finally is not to imply that the shop operating type

some entrepreneurs in order to allow consumers to know what products to buy, give the shop took a can reflect the name of the type of store operations. However, it is reasonable to do so, not too much. Because once you increase the days after the business scope, the name may not be suitable for maternal stores, shop will affect consumers’ cognition before.

No matter what kind of

is to store name, we can refer to the relevant skills, but also need to comply with the same.

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