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On 2012 Jingdong commodity price monitoring report on

this report is based on the KKdata Jingdong mall non Book audio and video products prices real-time monitoring of the data (time: December 27, 2011 to 2012 from the year of February 4th, a total of 40 days) analysis.

first, Jingdong commodity profile

Jingdong is currently a total of more than 1 million 710 thousand pieces of merchandise of the store, the audio book commodities accounted for more than half, because these two types of goods and a huge number of price volatility does not have a representative, so this report not included in the scope of the analysis of its price.

refers to the general merchandise category refers to the Jingdong mall direct part of the goods, the brand refers to the cooperation is settled Jingdong POP open platform businesses to provide goods. The proportion of roughly 1:7 or so, the brand is far more than the cooperation of Jingdong proprietary goods, Jingdong has been seen from a self-employed independent B2C mall into a comprehensive and open platform for electronic business. Also because the number of brands of goods accounted for the obvious advantages, Jingdong overall price index fluctuation influenced greatly, especially in clothing and shoes and other categories, will be analyzed in detail below.


can be seen from the price distribution map, self and brand products are mainly distributed in the price of 30-100 yuan, 100-500 yuan two files, and the book is mainly distributed in the audio and video category below 30 yuan.


two, the overall price situation


this figure shows the Jingdong of all non audio books category of commodity prices, in December 27, 2011 as the starting point, in the next 40 days in the overall price trend, the 40 day average index was +2.1852%, reached the peak at two months early and (January 1st: February 1st: +5.1662%; +6.1848%), can also be seen from the histogram, two at the end of the price of the most frequent activities.

the following self – owned goods and brand cooperation products to see:


The average value of the 40 days of

proprietary goods was +1.7015%, which was the most frequent in the end of the month, but the peak value of the index was not obvious (January 1st: +2.0064%;: +2.8618%).


can be clearly seen from the chart, the price index curve of the brand cooperation products and commodity index curve of the basic agreement, which is due to its relative to the absolute superiority of the number of goods in the lead.

also look at the kind of clothing and shoes to brands:


Batman in the entrepreneurial team


I do not know whether we have seen the United States DC company "cartoon Justice League"? This cartoon gathered DC, countless heroes justice, these heroes together to form the Justice League resistance villain.

many DC fans in the Justice League who is the league’s boss. More than half of the people will say it is Superman, because he has the strongest ability. But the music fan but I think the real boss is Batman, the alliance not only leading talent. Batman although no super powers, but he leaned on their brains and incomparable ability of organization, management of the Justice League will be arranged in good order to know, to let those who, with all kinds of talent of peaceful coexistence is a very difficult thing. More importantly, Batman also for each member of the coalition to do the emergency plan to ensure that once there is a rebel coalition members, you can first time their uniforms.

actually, Bruce ·, who is under the mask of the bat, is also a successful entrepreneur in the story. His management not only the achievements of his millions of net worth, but also won the respect of the Justice League members.

so as an entrepreneur, do you have the ability to lead the team? Can you be a Batman in the entrepreneurial team?

The necessary quality of a

Batman: proficiency in a particular line

of Justice League Batman although no super powers, but he has a strong technological advantages, with the help of his technical skills, other members of the Justice League can easily defeat the villain.

wants to become a founding team of Batman, first of all should have proficiency in a particular line. Simply put, you want to lead others to start their own hands, if only money (some people even have no money, only an idea), it is difficult to make ups and downs in your team members.

as a business leader, or you have technical proficiency in a particular line or network, or There is nothing comparable to this customer development ability. You can’t let others tell you silly

!The necessary quality of Batman two: use

Batman was able to get the union members respect, another important reason is his use. Faced with different opponents, Batman will deploy the most appropriate members to deal with.

as a business leader, learn to use, with good people, is a very important knowledge. Give you a team of lions, if you are only a small sheep, it will not be a climate.

The necessary quality of


for Batman

can be said to be a Batman or genius, that he is DC version of Zhu Geliang is not a bad idea. He is always able to accurately predict the next step of the enemy, and ahead of schedule. Union members only need hands-on, and almost no brains can conquer evildoers work. What >

The ultimate sniper beheaded Desert Storm nazonazo playing electric

electricity supplier in the world is always not lonely. Double eleven has just passed, and the layout of twelve. Here the Jingdong mall announced this month 16 days to 1 months of "Desert Storm" promotion, yesterday have dangdang.com launched the "ultimate decapitation" sniper action.

Chongqing evening news reporter Wanli

full 1500 yuan back to $1000

strength does not seem small

entered the year war the most popular at the end of two months, not only electricity supplier promotional activities, and targeted is also very strong. Dangdang.com yesterday launched the "ultimate decapitation operations", the main push the price of goods for the digital products, the Jingdong at mall "desert storm".

Chongqing evening news reporter to enter the event page dangdang.com saw the beheading action include mobile phone, camera, computer peripherals, office equipment, the full range of 3C products, in addition, claimed that the whole net price, and give the audience full of 500 yuan 300 yuan, return back over 1500 yuan 1000 yuan promotional initiatives. What is more, the top page prominently Dangdang still hang out a Samsung mobile phone, and with the eye-catching red and white "than a low net claims 200 yuan".

contrast the decapitation of dangdang.com hundreds of digital home appliances can be found selling products, Dangdang did well prepared in terms of parity. For example, Dangdang proprietary Samsung 3G mobile phone, when the price is 4199 yuan, the Jingdong is the price of 5199 yuan and free gifts, but the price without the gift price, 500 yuan cheaper than the Jingdong also dangdang.

"more than that, we have a lot cheaper than Jingdong products." The relevant parties to the Chongqing evening news reporter dangdang.com also lists a number of goods, including the Samsung Galaxy SIII I9300 dangdang.com (sapphire blue) 3G mobile phone and Samsung I9100G Galaxy S2 Samsung S5830I black Extreme Edition, Elite Edition 3G mobile phone, the price is 100 yuan cheaper than the Jingdong, these styles are currently popular consumers commodity.

for the Jingdong for digital 3C Dangdang launched "decapitation operations", the Jingdong said yesterday that the mall will not be evaluated.

understand the Dangdang promotion rules

is like a

direct price concessions, while the audience full of 500 yuan and can return to $300, full of $1500 can return $1000…… Such a preferential promotional activities, people can see straight saliva. But after carefully reading activity rules, the Chongqing evening news reporter found that is not so simple to get cheap, to spend these coupons back first to move on a good head, but not for everyone.

activity details, whether to send over 500 yuan to 300 yuan, or over 1000 yuan to send 1500 yuan, send are clothing coupons, and can only be used to buy Dangdang online clothing.

in addition, full 500 yuan to send >

China E-mail advertising market

according to iResearch (iResearch) launched the latest "2004 China Network Advertising Research Report" data show that in 2004 Chinese license E-mail marketing (not including email mail carriers to their members, and enterprises to take advantage of their members to send Email market marketing) with the size of 70 million yuan, in 2005, 2006. Reached 90 million yuan and 110 million yuan.


Four months to sell Taobao earning 4000 promotion experience sharing

in the horse heroes "to create 1 million jobs for the China shouted cry, it also makes a lot of people in Taobao Amoy to treasure, even B2C Taobao mall has many B to the real profits, but also makes B and C intimate contact, never ha, everybody is not I think Taobao is starting up, hey, I just eat a meal of Taobao soft in the mouth, to help say the words. Now tell me about my life.. Is it scared, hey, not so far away. I am a recent graduate work, now has a new term called ant, yes, I am the owners, there is no MONEY degree, so I always want to work in, and something else, see people around a lot of Taobao, I naturally think of Taobao, the first the supply is stumped, but after three months of my struggle, finally out of poverty, store up to 2.5 drill, is really earned, here I tell you I do some Taobao experience.

1, looking for sources of goods, in the midst of their own products do not think of course, is to sell. I find the consignment has its own standards:

a, the market big

two, there is a certain profit

three, the price of mass consumption

four, have a certain brand influence,

in the first and the second point I naturally think of the tea, which now family did not drink tea, then in the Taobao mall around a few times, found a common problem, there are well-known high-end gifts, the market is limited, no visibility is out of seven or eight, can not afford to hook a some consumer desire, I think you can find a well-known Taobao is for public consumption and product development company, I despair, loss of the occasion, suddenly see the Ming Shan tea of the mall, I see a special Taobao for he mall on the product, the price is all. But the brand is full, the art shop is also good, for it is, really let me find, the next question is not necessarily do sell it, then the communication with the customer MM, plus the red hot sincere dialogue, the other side finally It’s through my application. Everyone is not a strong impulse to see Ming Shan tea shops, nice to meet you, the next to his shop, but the consignment agreement provisions, Kusi, supply for is found, the next is the promotion.

2, promotion: promotion is undoubtedly the two step

, increase the flow, is your store to have people.

two, conversion rate, to buy ah.

now talk about the first promotion methods, increase the flow, maybe everyone talked about this thought, sending post ah, ah, ah train, plus Q group and the like, right, 100 points. In fact, the most commonly used to promote the most commonly used is nothing more than these, why is commonly used, because there is a good effect, more advanced and SEO.

I mainly talk about adding Q groups and

The key factors to improve the conversion rate of e-commerce

domestic e-commerce conversion rate is not high, the data show that the industry is generally 0.1%, Dangdang is 1%. According to the Nelson report released in January this year, a flower and gift website proflowers.com, conversion rate of up to 30.6%, while selling women’s metrostyle.com conversion rate is as high as 23.6%, the championship rankings of the conversion rate of separation.

conversion is actually a whole data, if it is subdivided, you can see a few key factors:

1) browse the number of products / pit number, that is, shoppers/visitors. Here, we should pay attention to the definition of shopper, do not take the wrong person to enter the wrong door.

2) enter the number of purchase process / browse the number of products, namely buyers/shoppers.

3) the number of orders / enter the number of purchase process, that is orders/buyers.

more than three points, each is affected by multiple factors.

third is relatively simple, it is the main influencing factors of the purchase process usability, the usability and design related, and related industries, such as buying books do not fill in the ID number as buying tickets as hotels do not fill in the delivery address books like that. The reference value is 30%.

There are second main factors affecting the

of the, the attractiveness of the product and the display of the product. It means you have to have a good product, but also to let users easily find good products to you.

the first point of the main factors are also two, traffic composition and website design. If a web site traffic is mainly old users, it is high, if a site SEO do well, the main flow is a new user, it will be low. For example, if the rogue software work flow suddenly increased, the performance also increased, but it decreased badly. So it is not the same as the previous two, can not simply on the high and low heroes, if you can take different values according to different traffic sources, it is more conducive to the decision-making reference.

well-known e-commerce intelligent application platform services, Hongkong marine science and technology experts to remind the majority of e-commerce website, improve website conversion rate, in general, increased by 0.5% or even 0.1% will mean a huge income increase.

How to improve the conversion rate of

? The following aspects can be considered: the visit speed of website, professional website design, strong copywriting or writing a blog to promote and provide detailed information to answer all possible problems, increase trust, website user usability, shopping car promotion process optimization, comprehensive use, user guide take action, to provide zero risk purchase etc..

Electronic commerce is full of power to help shoes enterprises upgrade

since the outbreak of the financial crisis, due to rising raw material prices, rising labor costs, it is difficult to expand the terminal channels, squeezing the profit space of the enterprise, the enterprise is facing considerable pressure, operating there unprofitable or even a loss. Based on the change of economic environment, so that the rise of e-commerce will be an opportunity ", many of the domestic e-commerce model with lowest cost and highest benefits principle, fit the current economic climate, to adapt to the needs of the majority of shoe development, give a shot in the arm. In the face of fierce market competition, the shoe to wait for customers door-to-door has been impossible, so the key moment or more shoe enterprises to take the initiative, the rise of leveraging e-commerce to promote expansion of the terminal channels, good to push their products to the clients, to narrow the distance with the customer. Obviously how e-commerce investment facing this problem, many experts, scholars, media have also analyzed its advantages, and again to discuss the power of electronic commerce is obsolete? Isn’t this, repeatedly mention e-commerce this new word is nothing more than the offbeat shoe terminal channel sounding initiatives this is a wake-up call to expand, so that the majority of the shoe to understand how to improve e-commerce and the management level of application of information technology to promote the channel upgrade.

era gave birth to the birth of e-commerce information of the fashion industry "mode, the rise of e-commerce businesses gave great confidence, shoe enterprises pay special attention to the electronic commerce, the electronic commerce is becoming the common channel of enterprise product promotion. And the realization of this model requires the shoe to start tracking the market information change from static to dynamic prediction of consumer demand information, from multiple levels of the low efficiency of the distribution model to specialization, agile operation, face-to-face communication with consumers, and to mobilize their own maximum compression function, will enhance the overall operation ability and operation quality to a stage.

we see a series of traditional B2C e-commerce platform led by the shoe shoes network to provide information services for enterprises. In addition to providing free information services for the shoe, but also the promotion of many platform search engine optimization based on the corporate website, the enterprise can not only get the order, but also easy to know changes in consumer demand, to provide one-stop e-commerce solutions for shoes. We also see a lot of shoe brands have used an innovative attitude to making shoes to obtain channel optimization goals for online promotion use of making shoes, let more consumers continue to enhance the product of their own needs, let every customer at home a little mouse can obtain high quality products. To provide consumers with the best quality products and the most sincere service is the shoe to do the ultimate goal of upgrading transformation and upgrading, these changes are sources of footwear manufacturers to establish a strategic value mature concept, effective judgment and make the development of enterprise restructuring, make their own choice of development pattern of the most appropriate in the most appropriate time.

according to a statistics show that more than 60% of Internet users Chinese tried online shopping, online sales are booming, the achievements by many shoe enterprises concerned, many small and medium-sized enterprises in the Pearl River Delta also.

B2C and the development of traditional industry

At present,

e-commerce business model mainly has three kinds: one is built, the construction enterprise mall website; two is a member of type, namely through the register to become a member third party platform type shops; three is the platform, give full play to the advantages of the construction industry is the industry network. At present, Chinese network library is helping more traditional enterprise network construction industry, as of now, members of the "China industry network alliance" has more than 1000, they through a combination of traditional industries, the construction industry China nets, to create the best business model Chinese traditional industries combined with e-commerce, and ultimately help companies occupied the commanding heights of industry by industry, implementation pluralistic profit.

if the electronic commerce market compared to the iceberg, e-commerce golden age is far from coming true, most electronic commerce network enterprises at present by the tip of the iceberg, only the range of traditional enterprises involved, is the tip of the main body.

therefore, only a wide range of traditional enterprises into e-commerce, e-commerce really meaningful. Traditional enterprises should be aware of the importance of e-commerce, e-commerce is the trend of the times, to avoid being eliminated by the relentless market.

from the perspective of the future society, all businesses will use electronic commerce will set up e-commerce sector, e-commerce enterprises will focus on B2B, there are a few physical store companies can carry out B2C, more traditional industries will build their own industries, recruit members, play the core value.

B2C combined with traditional industries means money, money, new business opportunities. The Internet for the traditional enterprise value will be mainly reflected in, one is to use the Internet network promotion; two is to carry out online promotion activities, many enterprises have similar feelings, think network publicity may be hard to assess, but the Internet brings investment opportunities is very obvious; the three is widely and effectively. B2B transactions between the use of network platform to integrate upstream and downstream resources, and upstream and downstream enterprises.

therefore, the traditional enterprises to use e-commerce to expand upstream and downstream industry chain sales, for making profits, even if not to earn money to get money, if not saving money to fight the new business opportunities, traditional enterprises to use e-commerce to achieve at least one – to make money, save money, new business opportunities.

many of the traditional business of e-commerce there are some errors, and some believe that e-commerce is electronic transactions, that is to build a website to sell their products or publicity. In today’s network, globalization, knowledge of the main features of the information society, traditional enterprise electronic commerce is the only way which must be passed, this is not just a simple transaction, but an application of buyers and sellers, manufacturers and partners together through the network, so the electronic commerce not only includes the commerce and services online it involves all aspects of transactions, from "supply" to "demand" of the whole social production. Through e-commerce can not only reduce operating costs, accelerate capital turnover, improve the management level, but also by

The status of domestic ultra short domain name

recently Microsoft also enabled two ultra short domain name: www.w.cn and www.9.cn, open directly after the jump to the live.com registration page. I apply for the mailbox: 9678@9.cn, mailbox capacity: 5G. Now we look at the current situation of domestic short domain name.

1.cn China Fujian project achievement trading network English version

2.cn for sale

3.cn mobile 3G video first stop

4.cn registered by Mr. Xu, Hangzhou.

5.cn fifth navigation

6.cn six room


7.cn seven

8.cn for sale

9.cn Microsoft

a.cn parsing error 2007.11.14

b.cn for sale

c.cn for sale

d.cn d.cn

e.cn can not open

f.cn can not open

G.cn Google

h.cn Dongguan real estate network

i.cn can not open

j.cn boutique China

k.cn can not open

l.cn for sale

m.cn trial network

n.cn and P.cn seem to belong to the same company

o.cn 3D map

P.cn personal portal

q.cn pick

r.cn recruitment channel

s.cn classification online

t.cn for sale

u.cn advantage China

v.cn Shenyang Five Star Design Co., Ltd.

w.cn Microsoft

x.cn Beijing Star Technology Co. Ltd.


y.cn for sale

z.cn cannot access

Don’t fear the winter capital of maternal electricity supplier babe network busy hiring

capital winter catch up with graduation season, many graduates are faced with the pressure to find a job. The day before, the first domestic electricity supplier maternal babe network launched a campus recruitment plan. Hope that through this recruitment plan to embrace more outstanding graduates, not only to provide them with a platform to show their talent, but also for the company to develop more professional, reliable talent. It is reported that the company will be held in September in 10 well-known universities campus recruitment program will preach.

It is reported that

, the campus recruitment plan job involves many aspects, September campus recruitment will cover Southern China, central China, southwest and east of the 10 well-known universities, four major areas of more than 10 graduates. Schools including Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University, Sichuan University, University of Electronic Science and technology, Hunan University, Central South University, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Zhejiang Gongshang University, Hangzhou Dianzi University, etc..


(recruitment propaganda)

Relevant responsible person said

babe network HR, the recruitment of attention to graduates, also saw them fearless momentum and enthusiasm. The official stressed that the babe Network Talent values is professional, trustworthy, hope through the recruitment of talented persons, to be cultured with corporate values, offer them a chance to grow fast at the same time, can also transfer fresh blood for reliable professional, talent pool.

before, billion euros net joint companies launched a "talent not cut" theme activities, babe network in which the event hopes to boost business confidence and job seekers. Babe network relevant responsible person said, the capital of winter is not terrible, babe network is willing to open the door to attract more confident with their veteran soldiers and able captains, to enhance the value of the company, let babe network become Ao Xue dongmei.

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