The province’s insurance industry in the country to achieve the three lead

is the first in the country to achieve at the provincial level, once the spread of urban and rural residents illness insurance; the first in the country to achieve in the province to promote the commercial insurance agency orgnaization of basic medical insurance; the first in the country to achieve in the province to promote the government to buy the social forces of elderly people injury insurance. In recent years, insurance regulatory bureau of Qinghai province closely around the provincial government initiated the "small financial, livelihood concept, guide and support the Qinghai insurance industry to actively participate in the construction of social security in the National People’s livelihood, the realization of the three lead".

According to reports, the province took the lead in the country to achieve the provincial level, a one-time province urban and rural residents to open a serious illness insurance. At the end of September 2016, serious illness insurance coverage by starting at the beginning of the 4 million 230 thousand and 900 population expanded to 4 million 569 thousand and 800. More than three years, a total of 191 thousand and 400 patients with serious illness insurance to pay serious illness medical expenses of $830 million, of which the highest single payment of $389 thousand and 800. The proportion of the total amount of serious illness insurance payments accounted for 16.37% of the total cost of medical insurance and basic medical insurance reimbursement accounted for the proportion of total medical expenses reached $65.12%.

in addition, the province took the lead in the country to promote the implementation of commercial insurance institutions in the province of basic medical insurance. On the basis of two counties and one city pilot counties, since July this year, the province began to carry out a comprehensive management of the province’s work, and strive to achieve full coverage during the year. Qinghai characteristics of the basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance, medical assistance, emergency medical assistance, commercial health insurance and charitable assistance, the integration pattern initially formed. At the same time, the province took the lead in the country in the province to promote the government to the social forces to buy the elderly accident insurance. As of the end of 2016 9, the province a total of 283 thousand and 400 of the elderly insurance, premiums totaling $8 million 716 thousand and 100, has been paid for the 177 pen, the amount of payment of $1 million 299 thousand and 500.


Xining city industry and Commerce Bureau West Branch purification food market

is for consumers to create a safe and healthy consumption environment, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau West Branch to increase the supervision of food safety, recently on the area of the big market, the supermarket were raided.

found in the inspection area of a supermarket, there are food safety hazards, found 2 boxes of frozen crab, frozen small yellow croaker 35 boxes, 22 boxes of frozen fish, frozen Pomfret 24 boxes of frozen gold Pomfret 4 boxes, 4 boxes of frozen fish, frozen peeling shrimp 7 box no name and address, no production date, no warranty check the refrigerator; 11 fresh chicken meat can counter sales provide quarantine certificates; sales of imported food area import peach vinegar 2 bags, 1 bags of biscuits, coconut flakes 25 Lotte almond candy box, 10 boxes, 22 bags, Roasted Eel papaya candy 27 boxes, 9 bottles of aloe tea, 31 boxes of refined sheep soup 24 bottles of soy sauce, sake Jinro, 5 bottles, 6 bottles of cold water, three old town white coffee 3 box, no Chinese logo of Korean chili 6 box. Immediately to the scene to be archived to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.


Xining Chuangwei sprint welcome final exam in May this year to accept the national technology assess

2008, the Xining City, is an extraordinary year, through the mobilization of work hard and perseveringly, Chuangwei work has achieved remarkable results. In October last year, through the national love inspection office unannounced visits, in December and passed the first national and provincial experts pre evaluation. At present, Xining city is to rectify the existing problems, and to establish long-term mechanism to improve the health, to meet the final exam".

2008 is a crucial year in Xining news, after several months of continuous rectification, Xining Chuangwei has achieved remarkable results. Villages and urban high health improved significantly, the basic realization of the appearance of the city clean and tidy, comfortable and beautiful. A total of 300 million yuan investment, small urban construction projects and 120 projects of health; Xining city greening work has made a breakthrough, and won the title of "National Forest City Circle", the three green index of Xining city has reached the national standard requirements. In addition, in the market regulation, the "five small" industries remediation, pest control, health education and other aspects have made a breakthrough.

this year, Xining City Chuangwei work already by the stage into the sprint stage. Xining will fully implement Chuangwei contact point chip package responsibility, continue to carry out the "big hand little hand" and other forms of health promotion activities, mobilize the masses to actively participate in Chuangwei work. At the same time, continue to increase investment, improve the city infrastructure and service functions, to further improve the quality of the people, the establishment of long-term mechanism to improve the sanitation work, keep health outcomes.

March, the city of Xining will be invited again in China and Xining, love health experts second times of pre Xining Chuangwei work assessment, further rectification according to the expert opinions, May to meet national technology assessment.


The city’s infrastructure investment speed increased by 114 percentage points

newspaper news (reporter Xiao Yu) October 29th, reporters from the municipal development and Reform Commission was informed that this year in the whole social investment driven, I step into the city infrastructure construction, as of the end of September, the city’s infrastructure investment totaled 11 billion 56 million yuan, an increase of 120.8%, higher than the same period last year increased by 114 percentage points, increased by 84.7 and 36 percentage points respectively compared with the first quarter, the first half of this year, the proportion of the total social investment increased 10.96% from the first quarter to 15.02%.

according to reports, this year, the city’s various regions, departments of the municipal government in accordance with the unified arrangements, increasing the project and funding for the implementation of efforts to spare no efforts in project construction, to achieve new breakthroughs in the expansion of investment. As of the end of September to complete the whole society investment in fixed assets 73 billion 601 million yuan, an increase of 35.07%, especially in the field of infrastructure, around the city planning and construction of major projects, based on the perfect city "carrier" function, introducing the market mechanism, to further accelerate the pace of city infrastructure construction, urban infrastructure construction investment to achieve new breakthroughs.

in the investment, the Xining Railway Station station and train station renovation project comprehensive renovation project of the main structure has been completed; Xining Caojiabao Airport two completed and put into operation; the high-speed Beijing Tibet Xining Beltway south section construction; municipal road drainage project, the completion of Nanshan Road one or two, 71 Road, road East extension section of Qaidam comprehensive renovation South Delingha Road, water supply network transformation, the old city lake area water pipelines and other projects under construction, and the extension section of West Qaidam Road (bridge), expensive Road (bridge), Bowen Road, Golog south, West Kunlun Road, Qilian road crossing sea bridge, the transformation, the eastern city water supply, the eastern group the seventh water pipe network supporting the smooth progress of the project etc..


Qinghai folk investment from negative to positive success counter attack

total investment of 300 million yuan in the United States and China Health City (Qinghai) Co., Ltd. in Tibetan medicine production and processing and pharmaceutical trading market construction project has completed the construction of the plant, and the basic completion of the annual investment mission.

Qinghai Kumbum Monastery Cultural Tourism Resources Development Co., Ltd. construction of Qinghai fragrant Bahrain card tourism infrastructure construction projects successfully, has completed an investment of 300 million yuan.

Qinghai Nord new materials Co., Ltd. annual production capacity of 40000 tons of electrolytic copper foil power battery project is progressing smoothly, has completed an investment of 100 million yuan……

this year, in the face of continuing to increase the downward pressure, the province has always been the investment as steady growth, promoting reform, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood, risk prevention, the first priority and the first responsibility. According to the new signs of short-term decline in private investment, the provincial government attaches great importance to the introduction of intensive policy measures, the rapid action of quick reaction, tried to make the main investment give full play to an important role in promoting economic and social development in Qinghai.

according to the Qinghai Provincial Bureau of statistics, the first three quarters, the province completed the entire social fixed assets investment of $275 billion 475 million, an increase of 12.5% over the same period last year, the growth rate increased by 0.5 percentage points compared with the first half. In social fixed assets investment, private investment 91 billion 904 million yuan, an increase of 4%, reversing the private investment continued to decline in 2015 since July the situation (half year compared with a year earlier, down 13.8%) our province folk investment finally stabilizes, from negative to positive, successful counter attack".

guide to promote private investment in key industries, encourage private enterprises to invest in innovative ways to promote the transformation and upgrading of private enterprises – –

change pressure into power for action

Since the beginning of, the province’s private investment continued negative growth since last July, sustained pressure.

in the face of pressure, the province to actively respond to the timely deployment of –

regular coordination of private investment project scheduling, the organization will be held a special general scheduling of private investment in the province, the national key project of special construction funds of private investment projects, the industry of private investment projects, a clear responsibility to sort out one by one, and the time limit, ensure that private investment projects completed more investment in physical quantity.

guide to promote private investment in key industries, efforts to support the development of a number of good prospects, driven by strong, in line with the industrial policy of private enterprises. Play a good role in guiding the government to continue to continue to support social capital to participate in the construction of key areas through investment subsidies, guarantee subsidies, fund injection, loan discount, etc..

encourage private enterprises to invest in innovative ways to support them in a variety of ways to participate in infrastructure and public welfare projects. To guide the transformation and upgrading of private enterprises, and further promote the structural reform of the supply side, and strive to build a modern industrial system of one or two, the integration of the development of the three industries. Support private investment in the "double", construction of supporting system of social entrepreneurship and innovation.


, May, in July, the State Council to promote the supervision and inspection of private investment group of two private investment in our province;

Xining City Public Security Bureau successfully destroyed a gun dens

Qinghai news network recently, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau successfully destroyed a gun dens.

at the end of March this year, Xining police learned that staying in Xining, Longhua man Ma is suspected of illegal trade in firearms. Immediately, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau launched the case investigation, Interpol went to Longhua, Gansu, Linxia and other places to visit the investigation, initially identified from the manufacture and sale of firearms dens in Guide county. The ad hoc group to Guide County Changmu town and other places to carry out careful investigation, eventually locked the exact location and trafficking of firearms dens, with assistance from Guide County Public Security Bureau, from Changmu town residents in the manufacture and trafficking of firearms and arrested the suspect named Ma, seized imitation 64 pistol 1. Half finished 1, 92 and gun parts table vice, electric welding machine and a number of tools for gun.

currently, the case is under further investigation. (author: Li Xianhua)


Xining 4 bus lines to adjust your comments

in order to strengthen the Xining city bus line in Dongchuan Industrial Park, Lake Road, Jing Yue apartment Xichuan salt Zhuang area and sea lake district network layout, to meet the travel needs of residents of the New District, 4 bus lines, traffic conditions of Xining City Council decided recently adjusted.

it is reported that recently a lot of friends and the public through the Internet, telephone and other forms have reflected the problems waiting time for some bus lines in Xining city is too long, the new district is not equipped with individual buses to the city Department of transportation, such as the summer Avenue extension line of new residential tenants reflect, residential completed no bus traffic, people travel difficulties. According to the municipal government for further attention to the livelihood of the people, public transportation network optimization, solve the new district residents travel requirements, city traffic bureau decided to adjust the 40 Road, 35 Road, 15 road, 601 Road (line 1) bus lines 4, specific adjustments are as follows:

– 40 original line: Jianguo Road, xiadou street, South Street, Kunlun Road, Bridge Street, North Road, Xinning Xingyuan, 12 km one-way; after adjustment: the road of origin, through summer street, South Street, Kunlun Road, Cold Lake Road, Haiyan Road, Lake Road, Lake Road, sea Tianjin Road, west end point for intersection (Jing Yue apartments, residential placement, double sigma) after adjustment for one-way 13 kilometers.

– 35 original lines: Economic Development Zone, road bridge, Kunlun Road, and the road, Bayi Road, Huang Zhongqiao Road, mutual aid, train station, Riverside Road, Wuyi Road, 71 Road, the Yellow River Road, Zhifang street, West Main Street, Lake Road, 54 Road, Cold Lake Road, West of Kunlun Road, Department of road, Kawa Ni, 19 km one-way; after adjustment: Economic Development Zone, Kunlun road bridge, road, people and road, Bayi Road, Huang Zhongqiao, mutual Road, train station, Riverside Road, Wuyi Road, 71 Road, the Yellow River Road, West Main Street, Zhifanggou street to the provincial radio and Television Bureau. After adjustment, 15.5 km one-way.

– 15 original lines: Qinghai University, Ning Road (Road), Bridge Street, victory road, five, 54 bridge, crossing the Yangtze River Road, 71 Road, North Street, South Street, Kunlun Road, Republic Road, the public street, Bayi Road, Delingha Road, Taining Road, Golog garden, 20.5 km one-way after the adjustment of the original route; divided into two, and renamed the 15 road, 39 Road, 15 road line after adjustment for the Qinghai University, Nanjing Road (Road), Bridge Street, victory road, five, 54 bridge, crossing the Yangtze River Road, the newspaper Triangle Garden turn around, one-way 13 kilometers.

– 601 (a) the original line: train station, sea road, Yuen bridge, Haiyan Road, victory road, Tongren Road, Nanchuan Road, seamounts, one-way 14.5 kilometers; adjusted: train station, sea road, bridge, road, Yuen Yuen Street, Haiyan Road, cultural landscape road, victory road Tongren Road, West Road, Nanchuan, seamounts, after adjustment for one-way 15 kilometers.

in addition, the Municipal Transportation Bureau to adjust the 4 lines from today to the public opinion on the broad range of 19, such as the views of the public on the above adjustment line or build;

The Red Cross of the city will hold a number of medical and health services

12th Five-Year, the Red Cross will be held in the city a number of medical and health services entities, efforts to alleviate the difficulties of the masses to see a doctor and expensive. Select part of the medical institutions in line with the title of the Red Cross, to fill the Red Cross of the city, no red cross title of medical institutions in the blank. Set up 4 – 7 nursing homes for the elderly to solve the problem of medical treatment. 4 – 7 two grade more than the size of the Red Cross Hospital, and in the form of cooperation in the city, district and county held a "Red Cross medical institutions, increase the amount of the city’s medical health service resources, meet the diverse and multi-level medical service demand.


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